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The Avery ISD Education Foundation has been created as a charitable 501(c)(3) entity dedicated to bolstering the Avery ISD school district. Its focus is on mobilizing funds to bring to life cutting-edge educational initiatives that go beyond the scope of governmental funding.

Purpose: The formation of the Avery ISD Education Foundation serves as a bridge for community engagement, allowing individuals, companies, and community groups to play a significant role in enriching the educational experiences of both students and staff within the AISD.

Mission: To foster student achievement and enhance the quality of learning, the Foundation is committed to supporting innovative teaching and fostering community involvement in Avery ISD. It aims to gather resources and backing for educational endeavors that elevate the educational setting yet fall outside the realm of standard funding.

Overview: The Foundation seeks to fund creative and innovative educational programs and activities that lack sufficient financial support from the standard budget. These initiatives are designed to boost student performance and skills, applaud and motivate staff excellence, and increase community engagement with local businesses and civic organizations.

Objectives: The Avery ISD Education Foundation is determined to:
• Motivate students to reach their utmost potential
• Back staff in innovative projects
• Acknowledge teachers who demonstrate exceptional skills
• Raise community awareness about the Foundation's efforts
• Engage the broader community in ensuring a top-notch education for future generations

501(c)(3) Statement:
As a philanthropic institution with a 501(c)(3) status, the Avery ISD Education Foundation gathers community members who:

• Share a commitment to enhancing education within Avery ISD
• Aim to grow private backing for educational initiatives at Avery ISD,
• Support the students and staff by financing projects not covered by public funds,
• Encourage novel educational approaches through private grants and participation,
• Allocate funds via a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of leaders from the business, community, and education sectors.

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